102 Spring Meadow Lane Washington Boro, PA 17582


Below is a screen capture of the RAW file as shot in the camera, Nikon D3400, taked from about 45 feet. Note the strong sunlight and the shadows cast across the foliage fromthe large trees to the West.

The image seen below is the TIF file that was created from the RAW capture in AfterShot Pro 3, beside the obvious standard RAW edits there has been a denoise filter run on it from inside AfterShot Pro

The images below are the result of editing in Corel-Photo-PAINT 2020. As I hadn't come up with the concept of using these images for any discussion the image on the left follows the exact same procedures as the one on the right but is not exactly the same crop however as it is derived from the exact same RAW TIF from AfterShot Pro it does exhibit the same issue with digital noise as the original process. 

The procedures are as follows from the final RAW edit above the image is cropped in Photo-PAINT, the image suffers from a distracting amount of digital noise in the lower end. I attempt a few noise filters in Photo-PAINT but I decided to save the file as a TIF file without any filters applied and opened it in PaintShop Pro to try the 3 noise filters that exist there.  As I was not as pleased with the result from the PaintShop Pro filters as I was the Photo-PAINT filter I opened the file in Photo-PAINT and applied a noise filter there and saved the file as an 8 bit sRGB PNG file for web posting.  Every once in a while you get lucky and this image is one of them, that glint in Jaspers eye was caught in the original capture as was not edited in later. A lesson I've learned from my work with supplied architectural images it to try the filters from multiple applications. Of course coordinating their color management needs to be prioritized.