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Does your monitor really have what it takes?

Depending on what you're doing it may not matter, then again it may be everything. I captured this image over two years ago and it is a wonderful test image.  The dress as well as the beads in this image when displayed in the three different color spaces, prophoto RGB, Adobe RGB and sRGB simultaneously in Corel Photo-PAINT X8 show subtle differences between each color space the original is clearly out of gamut for Adobe and sRGB.

First the original image was a RAW capture from my Nikon D50 recently reprocessed in AfterShot Pro 3, as a Prophoto 16 bit TIF, taken into Corel Photo-PAINT X8 cropped, then converted to 8 bit saved as a prophoto RGB TIF. The prophoto TIF was opened and saved as a prophoto PNG, then the prophoto TIF was opened again and converted to Adobe RGB and saved as a PNG and I repeated the process to create the sRGB PNG.

Interestingly the 3 PNG images when opened on my color correcting system display as different colors, however when placed as color managed PNG files on the internet and viewed from the 3 major color managed web browsers they all display as identical even in my color managed browser I suspect the coding for the browser display is lacking. This happens even if the browser is color managed and the site built with HTML and uses no CSS.  I can understand that on my laptop as it does not have the ability to display them properly in Photo-PAINT. These images are high resolution so you can download them and test your display in your image editor.

The fourth image is a prophoto copy converted to LAB with 8 points added to the yellow curve and converted back to prophoto.

Here's a few links to test if your browser is color managed. Interesting fact is that once you dig into this you'll find that if the web creator screws up the CSS code it does not matter if the images are colo rmanaged the site will act as if it's not color managed.